Emergency Hotline

Who should you call if you see something happening in the environment that appears to be a violation — something like dumping into a storm drain or stream, clear cutting trees in a stream buffer or muddy water running off a construction site into a waterway? Report any environmental emergency to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection’s 24-Hour Toll-Free Hotline: 1-877-WARNDEP (1-877-927-6337).
Clear Cut

Yes, this scene where a developer clear-cut mature trees in the buffer of a Category 1 Stream, is an example of an environmental violation.

As the State agency charged with protecting New Jersey’s natural resources, the DEP should always be notified when citizens have concerns about environmental emergencies. Depending on the circumstances, you may also want to alert local law enforcement authorities and county/municipal officials about your concerns.

When you call the DEP Hotline, you will be given the case number for your complaint. Please write the number down and then e-mail it to us with your contact information so we can follow-up with you and the NJDEP.

As your Watershed Watchdog, RHA welcomes your calls and emails about environmental concerns such as

  • damage or danger to the natural environment
  • pollution to water or land
  • poaching or illegal fishing
  • fish in distress or dead fish
  • illegal dumping of hazardous waste or large amounts of industrial waste
  • incidents including odor and noise at landfills, transfer stations, etc.
  • illegal withdrawals from watercourses
  • unusual drop in stream flow
  • collapsed or badly damaged river or stream banks

Please don’t hesitate to contact us — we’ll assist in whatever ways we can to put a stop to environmental violations. But please, if the situation is an emergency, call the DEP Hotline first!