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River Friendly Resident

Why Should You Be River Friendly?River Friendly Resident

A watershed is an area of land draining into a particular body of water, and is defined by the high points of an area, not by municipal boundaries. The use of the land within a watershed directly affects the quality of water within the watershed. We all live in a watershed and we all contribute to nonpoint source pollution – this includes pet waste, motor oil, fertilizers, pesticides and other pollutants that wash off the land in storm water runoff. It is estimated that nonpoint source pollution accounts for more than 50% of water quality problems in the United States.

The actions we take in our homes and yards affect our families, neighbors and the sources of our drinking water. By using environmentally friendly practices around our homes, we can help protect, preserve and enhance the water resources of our communities!

Partner with the New Jersey Water Supply Authority and RHA to help protect our natural resources and preserve the watershed where we live, work and play!

River-Friendly Resident Form

Please complete and send us the following survey to help us determine if you qualify as a River Friendly Resident!
  • Stormwater Management

  • Lawn and Garden Maintenance

  • For the next three questions check N/A if you do not use fertilizers or pesticides in your yard.

  • Water Conservation

  • Wildlife and Habitat Enhancement

  • Septic System Maintenance

  • Education and Outreach

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