Now more than ever…

The past few months have put a stark focus on the importance of Raritan Headwaters Association’s mission to safeguard water quality. The need for our services was profoundly felt after Hurricane Ida, when intense rain overwhelmed stormwater systems never meant to handle so much water in such a short time. Amidst horrendous flooding, lives were lost, residents required rescue by boat, vehicles and homes were ruined, and debris covered the landscape. Right here in our watershed, Flemington Borough received the state-high of 11 inches of rainfall.

This and other recent storms have underscored with heartbreaking clarity how vulnerable we are to the extreme weather that climate change is bringing. At Raritan Headwaters, we believe that focusing on the work we do best positions us to prepare our communities for escalating threats to water, wildlife, and an overarching quality of life.

RHA’s programs and projects are making an impact on securing the future of the watershed region:

  • Restoring forests and preserving lands are critical to protecting clean water. January 2022, we are launching a 4-year grant-supported project to plant 10,000 trees along our North Branch stream corridors and RHA is currently involved in 7 partnership projects to preserve 566 acres of critical watershed lands.
  • Stream monitoring and well test program data influence local and state policies. This fall, we are installing 5 climate stations at stream sites throughout the region
    to measure temperature, flow, and water quality data in real time.
  • Our River-Friendly programs promote infrastructure projects that utilize rain gardens and other nature-based solutions to help reduce polluted runoff and neighborhood flooding.
  • Our nature camp and after-school programs have nearly doubled in size to meet the demand for outdoor, experiential learning.
Cindy Ehrenclou, Executive Director

Simply put, our watershed communities need Raritan Headwaters now more than ever. Your dedication provides the resources necessary to arm residents and community leaders with education, actions, and solutions to sustain healthy lands and clean, safe water. Thank you for your support, your generosity, and your partnership.


Cindy Ehrenclou, Executive Director