Impervious Cover Assessments and Reduction Action PlansHelping Communities Reduce Flooding, Improve Water Quality, and Get Sustainable Jersey Points

Come learn about the work Dr. Obropta and his staff are doing to help municipalities address the problem of stormwater runoff, flooding and erosion due to impervious covers such as building and pavement. Rutgers has already completed Impervious Cover Assessment and Reduction Action Plans for several municipalities in the North and South Branch Raritan Watershed. The Plans are an incredibly valuable resource that presents data on the amount and distribution of impervious cover within the municipal boundary and offers shovel ready green infrastructure projects designed by engineers and landscape architects. We will have copies of those completed Plans available at the seminar for registrants. In addition, we will discuss implementation of the existing Plans and learn how to have one created for your municipality. Most importantly, Dr. Obropta will share information on how to implement the Plan from funding sources to local ordinances.