Since 1959, Raritan Headwaters Association has focused on one thing – clean water. We engage citizens and decision-makers in the protection of our watershed and beyond through science, education, land preservation and advocacy.


Our vision is that everyone within our reach has access to safe, clean water that is swimmable, fishable, and above all, drinkable.

Raritan Headwaters Association (RHA) has six decades of experience and a proven track record of successfully protecting the source of clean water for those in the Upper Raritan region and downstream to the Lower Raritan River, Raritan Bay and ultimately the Atlantic Ocean. Since 1959, RHA has informed and advanced priorities for protecting water quality, preserving and managing land, enhancing outdoor recreation, educating residents and community leaders, and advocating for policies that support sound land use decisions that improve the ecological integrity of critical habitats like our forests and riparian corridors.

The world is continually changing and the stresses on our ecosystems are changing with it. Conservation non-profits across New Jersey are having to reassess their strategies to ensure they are delivering effective programs that are reaching the broader community and making a significant impact on the health of natural resources. Climate change is negatively affecting water quality because of direct and indirect impacts to ecosystems including decreasing biodiversity and forest cover, and pollution from point and non-point sources. A heightened awareness exists around ensuring we are inclusive in the way we provide access to nature and support a wider diversity of communities in safeguarding clean water. The need for sustainable funding, to ensure high quality data on land and water resources, as well as ensuring RHA’s capacity to address threats to these resources, is more pressing than ever.

The urgency to protect the environmental health of the watershed, paired with the demand for the services that residents depend on for their quality of life affirms that this is the right time for RHA to establish a clear path for the next three years and beyond. This Strategic Plan includes well-defined and attainable goals and strategies to improve water quality, expand education programs, increase access to nature and clean drinking water, promote natural solutions to support climate resilience for communities, and improve the ecological integrity of habitat in the Raritan headwaters. It is designed to be implemented through annual work plans and budgets for the organization and regular evaluation and updating of metrics.