To report pollution or other environmental incidents in New Jersey, call the Department of Environmental Protection toll-free hotline:



How to Report Pollution

Before you call, it will be helpful to gather as much information as possible to ensure that the case is well documented and the matter can be successfully resolved.

  Make a note of what you saw

  What time was it?

  Where did you see it?

  Take a picture or video of it

The most important thing you can do is to report the incident. Please do not risk injury to yourself or others by confronting a polluter.

If this is an emergency threatening life or property, call 911. Otherwise, call the pollution reporting hotline: 1-877-WARNDEP (1-877-927-6337). At the end of the call the operator will give you a case number. Please write it down; this number will make it much easier to follow up on the incident. If a DEP staff member calls you back, please make a note of their name also.

After you have reported the incident to DEP, please provide some information to RHA. We will track the incident and follow up with DEP and/or local officials. Please remember to let us know if you want us to follow up with you.

Report incidents to RHA.