We are a small organization making a big impact.

Since 1959, safeguarding water quality and the land connected with critical water resources has been the job of Raritan Headwaters Association (RHA). Our work has a direct impact on the health, safety, and quality of life for the 300,000 residents of the watershed region and the 1.5 million people living downstream in New Jersey’s urban areas that rely on
the water we protect.

Where we work

We monitor the health of surface water and groundwater in each of the region’s 52 subwatersheds. We educate the public about how their actions impact water resources, create community initiatives to clean our streams, preserve and steward critical watershed lands, and collaborate with stakeholders and elected officials to plan for the future and implement change.

Our programs are making an impact.


“Water is a great teacher that shows us how to move through the world with grace, ease, determination, and humility.”

-Madisyn Taylor

12,712 children and adults educated about watershed science

In 2017, RHA was able to reach thousands of children through our award-winning school programs, field trips, nature camps and family programs. Individual adults and community leaders are educated through our River Friendly workshops and Watershed Tools for Local Leaders seminars.

Watershed Protection

“Water is the most critical resource issue of our lifetime and our children’s lifetime.
The health of our waters is the principal measure of how we live on the land.”

-Luna Leopold

Our role

We are the region’s leading provider of water quality research, habitat restoration and water protection services. We preserve and steward critical watershed lands. RHA plays a decidedly unique role as no other agency offers a similar scope of services focused specifically on the Raritan Headwaters watershed.



Bill Kibler

Politicians don’t read minds. If they don’t hear from their constituents, they don’t know what they’re thinking. Use your voice.

Bill Kibler

Advocating for sound land use and water protection policies

We champion federal and state legislation and local issues that directly impact the health of drinking water in our watershed communities. We provide science-based data and defendable information that has played a major role in establishing important land use and water protection policies.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

-Margaret Mead

Many hands make light work

Volunteers and members are collectively making a difference in the health of the watershed and the quality of life in our communities. These are the individuals that are taking responsibility for influencing change and taking action to protect our land and water.