Science & Conservation Technical Advisory Committee (SCTAC)

The RHA Science and Conservation Technical Advisory Committee (SCTAC) consists of a select group of scientists and practitioners from a variety of backgrounds related to water quality, watershed planning, regional ecology, conservation, and science communication. Members of the committee will advise RHA’s science programs and conservation activities on an ad hoc basis by reviewing monitoring program targets to address emerging contaminants, review QAPPs, surface and groundwater monitoring reports and papers, and research projects related to environmental stressors including pollution, climate change and land use/land cover. In addition, the committee will advise on planning, implementing, and evaluating the success of conservation projects including outreach, watershed tools for local leaders, watershed restoration and protection plans, green infrastructure projects, riparian forest restoration and BMPs.

Our Advisors

Chair: Kristi MacDonald, Ph.D., RHA Director of Science

Kathy Hale, M.S., New Jersey Water Supply Authority

Steven Handel, Ph.D., Rutgers University (emeritus) and Harvard University

Stefanie Kroll, Ph.D., S. Kroll Environment & Community

Richard Lathrop, Ph.D., Rutgers University

Christopher Obropta, Ph.D., P.E., Rutgers Cooperative Extension, Water Resources Program

Emilie Stander, Ph.D., Raritan Valley Community College

Beth Styler Barry, M.S., The Nature Conservancy in New Jersey

Michael Van Clef, Ph.D., Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space, New Jersey Invasive Species Strike Team