Join us in our vision that every person within our reach has access to safe, clean water that is swimmable, fishable and, above all, drinkable. Donate to our work, raise your voice on an issue, attend an event, join our network of volunteers–all ways you can help protect clean water. Every action taken, big or small, makes a difference.


We rely on financial support from members and donors to implement and manage our important water quality and land protection programs designed to ensure clean, safe water for everyone within our reach.


Be heard on issues that are important to you! Use your voice to influence local, state and federal policy-makers on decisions and legislation with potential impacts on water quality and land use.


Learn first-hand about the work we’re doing and how you can directly contribute to our mission. Join our team of citizen scientists or volunteer in ways that are most meaningful to you.


Get smart! Learn about watersheds and how you can care for the land and water contained in them. School groups, families, households and businesses all have opportunities to learn how to protect clean water now and for the future.


Do you know what’s in your drinking water? Find out through RHA’s Test My Well program. Whether you’re on well water or public water, ensure the water that comes out of your tap is safe by testing for potential contaminants.


Put on your thinking cap! There are lots of ways to motivate groups of friends, neighbors and family members to support our work. One way is to mobilize your co-workers with a corporate or community workday.

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