Snow Geese. Photo: Philip Robertson

We had a lot of fun on this Monday’s walk as we sighted a Rail and a Chat (first time on Fairview Farm!). On this foggy, dreary day, our Monday morning birders headed to the pond, disappointed to only find a few blue jays and catbirds. However, a walk to the wetland area at the bottom of the big field in the back was amazing. So many Sparrows–White-throated, Song, Field, Swamp and 4 Lincoln sparrows!! Lots of yellow-rumped warblers, 2 Towhees and 48 Cedar wax-wings. The wet weather meant no thermals for the migrating raptors, so they stayed here a while longer and spent their time hunting. A Merlin landed in a nearby tree. We saw a Kestrel and a Cooper’s hawk pursuing a songbird. Overhead passed 6 snow geese (which are different from the longer-necked Canada geese) heading south–probably to Louisiana, Arkansas or east Texas. And believe it or not, a Woodcock flew straight overhead on its way south. A great birding day at Fairview Farm.

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