RHA’s volunteer program is slowly coming back. With safety precautions in place, we have reintroduced volunteers to assist with stewardship projects on two of our preserves. Our dynamic volunteer team has helped staff maintain trails, remove invasive shrubs, fix tree tubes, cut down vines, and plant saplings. We protect the ecosystems on our property because it enhances the land’s ability to improve water quality. Healthy ecosystems filter pollutants, slow down stormwater, and improve groundwater infiltration in addition to providing valuable resources to wildlife and threatened species. We are grateful to our volunteers for all they do to support our mission.

A few shifts are still open for a weekend event, “Restore the Forest” on Saturday, October 10th, at our Fairview Farm Wildlife Preserve. Morning session: 9-Noon Afternoon session: 1-4 pm. Email Trish McGuire to learn more or signup.