RHA is thrilled at the level of participation in our community well test events this season. We are partnering with 13 municipalities throughout the Watershed from April through June to give residents an opportunity to test their drinking water, ensuring a safe supply for them and their loved ones. Record-breaking turnouts have been seen in some of our municipalities indicating that the public is becoming more aware of the importance of regular testing and the availability of our community well testing program which makes this process easy and affordable. New partnerships with the Branchburg Health Department and Hillsborough Health Department have made this important program accessible to residents in these municipalities and we are grateful for their support of this initiative.

While most of the results from the well tests conducted this season have been good, reassuring homeowners that their water is safe, a handful of wells have been identified with high levels of one or more contaminants such as volatile organic compounds, fecal bacteria, uranium, and arsenic. With this information, these families can now take steps to treat the issues and eliminate exposure to these harmful pollutants. The water we drink has a big impact on our health and the first step to securing good clean water for you and your family is to test it. More information on how to test your water including details on upcoming events may be found at www.testmywell.org.