Lay down your hiking stick, take out a lawn chair and head for one of the many fields and open spaces at Fairview Farm. Although we’re approaching the end of the annual raptor migration season, there’s still time to view hawks and eagles heading to their wintering grounds.

Raptors, birds of prey, begin their migration in September and are done by November. Some species, like Broad-winged Hawks, migrate in huge numbers in mid-September. Others, like Bald Eagles, Cooper’s and Sharp-shinned hawks and falcons like Kestrels, Merlins and Pegerine Falcons migrate mostly in October. Ospreys and Harriers can also be seen at this time. Two species, Golden Eagles and Goshhawks migrate late, often in November. And, yes, Golden Eagles migrate through New Jersey.

So, it’s not too late. Set up a chair at Fairview, raise your glasses to the North and Good Luck!

Broad-winged Hawk migrating over Fairview Farm

Red-shouldered Hawk sitting on top of a Spruce tree in the parking lot waiting for lift off