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About Raritan Headwaters Association

The Raritan Headwaters Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, member-supported conservation organization.

Our Mission is to protect, preserve and improve water quality and other natural resources of the Raritan River headwaters region through science, education, advocacy, land preservation and stewardship.

garden bdayFor us the 470-square mile Raritan River headwaters region is home. We treasure its natural resources and know that the high quality of life we enjoy is largely a result of the large tracts of undeveloped land, the clear-running streams and the access we have to preserved open spaces. We understand the direct link between our well-being and the health of the watershed’s natural systems. We are committed to sustaining the environmental integrity of our home.

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RHA is made up of people who feel a calling to ensure that the things that make this region such a special place today will be here to make it special for our children and grandchildren.

RHA operates under the guidance of a Board of Trustees. There are currently ten professional staff members (7 full-time, 3 part-time) joined by an Americorps Watershed Ambassador, Naturalist Educators and Summer Interns, and an enthusiastic corps of Volunteers.