Ages: 13 through adult (children must be accompanied by an adult)

Cost: $73 per barrel (pre-registration required through Hunterdon County Parks)

Guest instructor: Lauren Theis (Education Director), Raritan Headwaters Association

A rain barrel is attached to your home’s gutter and collects rainwater that can be used for watering plants. This is a great way to prevent runoff that may collect pollution, and also to prevent erosion. Rain gardens also collect storm water but direct it straight into a garden that cleans the water by trapping pollutants in the stems of native plants while draining the clean rainwater back into the groundwater. Lauren Theis of Raritan Headwaters Association will show us the importance of saving rainwater and teach us how to do it effectively. She will provide all materials for each individual or family to create their own rain barrel during the workshop.

Contact Lauren with any questions at ltheis@raritanheadwaters.org