Thank you for visiting the Community Well Testing page. Please click on the surrounding buttons for the schedule of upcoming Well Test Events as well as our menu of testing options. Individuals residing outside of specified municipalities may participate in posted well test events. Residency is not required. Well test kits may also be obtained any time at RHA’s Bedminster and Flemington offices. (Flemington office has a new location!) All testing is done by a state certified laboratory. Please call the well testing office at 908-234-1852 ext. 401 to request a kit or for more information.







The only way to know what’s in your water is to test it.


About the Community Well Test Program

Safe Drinking Water Programs are an essential environmental public health service. While commercial water companies are required by law to test customers’ water, owners of private wells are on their own. Regular monitoring is critically important to ensuring a safe water supply. For over 30 years, Raritan Headwaters (RHA) has partnered with municipalities throughout the region to offer residents the opportunity to test their well water.

80% of the households in our region depend upon private wells for drinking water. The US Environmental Protection Agency recommends that household water be tested once a year to ensure the well is free from harmful bacteria and nitrates. Testing can be expensive, but RHA has established a program that provides residents of the Raritan Headwaters region water tests by a state-certified lab at reasonable rates.

Local efforts to provide community-supported testing programs help prevent exposure to drinking water contaminants by making the testing process convenient and affordable. Townships work with us to organize an event that suits their needs and resources. This could be a one day event or well test kits may be made available through a township office for several weeks. Individual well test results are not shared with any party other than the homeowner and results data can be used to assess groundwater quality in our area.

What’s in Your Water?

Explore our new online series of maps and information to learn about well water quality in the Raritan Headwaters.