Site Description

Site ID: NR04
Ringoes Twp, Hunterdon County
Stream Category: FW2-NT (Category 2, Non-trout waters)
Site monitors Headquarters trib (Third Neshanic River) subwatershed (HUC: 02030105030030)
The site is located on private property and cannot be accessed without permission from the landowner.

This site is retired and is no longer being actively monitored by RHA.

Water Quality Data

Each June, Raritan Headwaters scientists and volunteers visit 72 stream sites in the North and South Branch Raritan Watershed Region (WMA8) of New Jersey to collect data on the health of our streams.  Data collected includes a sample of benthic macroinvertebrates (used to calculate the High Gradient Macroinvertebrate Index;HGMI score), an assessment of the habitat in and around the stream, and chemical conditions in the water.  Chemical parameters include dissolved oxygen, phosphate, chloride, specific conductance, nitrate, turbidity, pH, and temperature. The HGMI is used by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) to determine if the site is meeting state and national water quality standards under the Clean Water Act. Click here to learn more about our stream monitoring program and water quality reports.


Site Data for NR04

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Threats and Recommendations

While this site is no longer being actively monitored, all streams could benefit from keeping an intact riparian buffer and improving green infrastructure in the surrounding municipalities.  This site is located along a stretch of the Neshanic that is Non-trout waters, meaning the water quality in this stream is not high enough to support trout in any real capacity. At sites like this, restoration and riparian buffer planting are key.



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