Healthy Water, Healthy Life

Explore your unique relationship to water through a lens. Consider water’s different forms – liquid, ice, vapor, ground or surface water. Do you see it as an essential resource or a thing of beauty, or both? Think of being above water, below it or something in between. There’s also water’s connection to our watershed, to nature, our lives, health, conservation and even the scourge of pollution. In the end, photography is about how we stand in the world and the stories we tell from there. Tell your story.

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About the Photo Contest

Territory: North and South Branch Raritan River Watershed Region (View map of watershed)
Theme: Water
Entry Fee: $20 per submission (credit cards via PayPal)
Awards: Judged contest with cash prizes and online popular vote with camera award.

Contest Rules

What you need to know:
  1. A $20 entry fee per submission* (credit cards via PayPal)
  2. a single image (see requirements below)
  3. image title (10 words or less)
  4. image location must be within the North & South Branch Raritan River Region (view map of watershed)
  5. image date must be between March 31, 2020 to October 31, 2021

Terms and Conditions

  • Submitter must be 18 or older to enter.
  • The submitter must be the sole creator of the photograph, have full rights to the photo, and be the author of the title.
  • Submissions found to be fraudulent will be removed from the competition, and the submitting artist/individual accepts full legal responsibility and consequences if the submitted work is identified as plagiarized.
  • One photo-file per submission. Additional photos may be entered as a separate submission. All submissions are final.
  • The image must have been taken/created between March 31, 2020 and October 31, 2021.
  • The image must be taken within the North & South Branch Raritan River Watershed region of New Jersey. You will be asked to identify the location where your photo was taken. See watershed map: (view map of watershed)
  • Submitter retains rights to their image.
  • Submitter gives permission to Raritan Headwaters Association (RHA) to republish submitted photos for marketing and other general purposes in alignment with the Association’s mission.
  • Photo credit will be given whenever practical.
  • Submitted photos must be high resolution, in JPEG or JPG formats, and at least 1 MB and no larger than 50 MB.
  • Photos may be black & white or color and/or cropped.
  • Photos that contain objectionable or inappropriate content, as determined by RHA in its sole discretion, will be ineligible for this contest.
  • Photos with borders and composited or illustrated images will not be accepted.
  • Stitched images, for the purposes of creating a panorama, and HDR photos are acceptable.
  • Watermarks must be limited to less than 5% of the image and placed in a corner to be cropped out for reproduction.
  • Before completing submission please read Full Contest Terms and Conditions found here: Full Terms and Conditions. If there is inconsistency between the contest page and the Full Contest Terms and Conditions, the Full Contest Terms and Conditions prevail over any conflicts.


Our Distinguished Panel of Judges

Judging Criteria

Submissions will be judged on originality, compelling composition, artistry, and overall impression

Two ways to Win!

  1. A Judged contest with cash awards
  2. Online Popular Vote with camera award

Submissions will be judged by our panel of judges and will be eligible for cash awards. All submissions will be added to our public online voting.  You will have the opportunity to opt out of the online voting if you choose.

Online Voting – You and our online audience can vote and share favorite images here:  Public Voting Page.  Online voting is open now and will be ongoing throughout the contest period.

Both Judged and Popular Online Vote winners will be notified by email and announced by December 1, 2021, on RHA’s website and through printed and social media.


There will be 10 winners for both the Judged and Popular Online Vote. Winners will be notified by email and announced by December 1, 2021, on RHA’s website and through printed and social media.

Judged Contest: The winner’s purse is $2,000.  Ten prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • 1st place: $1,000
  • 2nd place: $500
  • 3rd place: $250
  • 4th place: $100
  • 5th place: $50
  • plus five honorable mentions: $20 each

Online Popular Vote:

Public Voting Award: Nikon Z 50

The top on-line popular vote earner will receive a brand new Nikon Z-50 mirrorless camera.

Online voting is open now and will be ongoing throughout the contest period. 


*All proceeds benefit Raritan Headwaters Associations’ conservation mission.

Thank you for entering the Raritan Headwaters Association photo contest.

We wish you good shooting and good luck!!!