River-Friendly Program

The Raritan Headwaters Association works in partnership with the New Jersey Water Supply Authority to bring the River Friendly Business and Resident programs to the Raritan Headwaters region.

The River-Friendly Business, Farm and Resident Certification Programs aim to reduce nonpoint source pollution.  This is pollution that results from human land use and gets transported by stormwater runoff.  It includes pet waste, motor oil, fertilizers, pesticides and other materials that wash off the land. Nonpoint source pollution accounts for more than 50% of water quality problems in the United States.

By using environmentally friendly practices around our homes and at work, we can help protect, preserve and enhance the water resources of our communities.

Reducing nonpoint source pollution improves water quality and enhances stream corridors.  The actions we take in our homes and business campuses affect our families, neighbors and the sources of our drinking water. By using wise practices around our homes and at work, we can help protect, preserve and enhance the water resources of our communities.

RHA and the New Jersey Water Supply Authority help landowners and businesses to become river-friendly by offering technical support, guidance and resources for individuals and businesses to lessen their negative impact on water quality.

River Friendly ResidentRiver-Friendly Resident Program

Becoming a River-Friendly Resident is easy – submit an online questionnaire and be certified right away or ask RHA to help you undertake simple river-friendly actions on your property.  The River-Friendly Resident program brings awareness to residents about what they can do on their own property to protect water quality, and how they can easily implement even more river-friendly actions into their everyday life.

River-Friendly Residents receive a certificate and river-friendly reusable shopping bag to acknowledge their excellence in water conservation!

Examples of river-friendly actions include:

  • Install a rain barrel or rain garden
  • Pick up after your pet
  • Properly maintain your septic system
  • Reduce or eliminate chemical fertilizers and pesticides, especially within 10 feet of a water body
  • Water outdoor plants in the early-morning or evening, especially in the summer
  • Install faucet aerators and low-flow showerheads

River-Friendly Business Program

Today, progressive businesses recognize environmental excellence and sustainable development as important components of their strategic plan for the present and the future. Whether located on five acres or five hundred acres, businesses have a wonderful opportunity to employ land management techniques that improve wildlife and aquatic resources. By participating in the River-Friendly Program, you can become an environmental steward and a model for others by enhancing water quality, protecting open space and promoting wildlife habitat.

The River-Friendly Business Certification Program is designed to help your company take a leading role in preserving your community’s environmental health. This program allows your business to demonstrate a commitment to the environment and the local economy. Through certification, your business can help create a healthy, natural work setting that enhances employee morale and well-being, while preserving and enhancing the local environment.

The River-Friendly Business Certification Program provides the following benefits:

  • Protects natural resources and preserves New Jersey’s native landscapes.
  • Provides public recognition for achievements through receipt of a plaque, an award, presentation and media announcements.
  • Reduces costs by decreasing use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.
  • Lowers operating costs due to decreased use of equipment in “no-mow” zones and “no-spray” zones.
  •  Creates healthier landscaping.
  • Maintains campus aesthetics and creates a positive working environment.
  • Decreases water use.
  • Increases natural habitat and attracts beneficial wildlife.
  • Reduces employee exposure to pesticides and other chemicals.
  • Promotes a positive relationship between the community and the business.

Businesses can apply for the River-Friendly Business program here. The NJWSA provides ongoing technical information, support and guidance for implementing environmental projects specific to the unique location and the resources and needs of your business campus or facility.

Contact RHA for more information on the River-Friendly Program or for help filling out your River-Friendly Resident or Business Application.

River-Friendly Businesses in the Raritan Headwaters Region: