Community Well Testing

Thank you for visiting the Community Well Testing page.  Please scroll down for the schedule of Well Test events as well as our menu of testing options.  Individuals residing outside of specified municipalities may participate in posted well test events. Residency is not required. Well test kits may also be obtained at the Flemington and Bedminster RHA offices at any time. All testing is done by a state certified laboratory. Please call the well testing office at 908-234-1852 ext. 401 to request a kit or for more information.

*This schedule will be updated as dates and times are confirmed.

Schedule of Upcoming Community Well Test Events


Town Dates for Purchasing a Well Test Kit Date that Residents Will Return Samples
Delaware Township September 10 – 18

Mon-Thurs 8:30am – 4:30pm; Fri 8:30am – 12:30pm

Delaware Township Municipal Building, 570 Rosemont-Ringoes Rd, Sergeantsville

September 19


Delaware Township Municipal Building

Clinton Township September 17- 21


MSI Plumbing, 1109 Route 31 South, Lebanon

Monday, September 24


MSI Plumbing

Frenchtown Borough September 22


 Frenchtown Borough Hall, 29 Second Street,  Frenchtown

Tuesday, September 25


Frenchtown Borough Hall 29 Second Street, Frenchtown

Kingwood Township Saturday, September 22


 Frenchtown Borough Hall,  29 Second Street, Frenchtown

Wednesday, September 26


Kingwood Township Municipal Building, 599 Oak Grove Rd, Frenchtown

Mendham Township October 6


Mendham Township Municipal Building, 2 W. Main St., Brookside

Tuesday, October 9


Mendham Township Municipal Building

Bridgewater Township October 13

Time TBD

This event will also include informative presentations on local water quality issues.

Bridgewater Municipal Building, 100 Commons Way, Bridgewater

October 15


Bridgewater Municipal Building

Raritan Township Community Day September 29

October 1-12

Mon-Fri 8:30am – 4:30pm

Raritan Township Municipal Building, 1 Municipal Drive, Flemington

October 16 or October 17 


Raritan Township Municipal Building

Readington Township Residents may purchase kits online from this page September 17-October 19

Specific instructions for obtaining your test collection kit from the municipal offices will be provided during the online signup process.

To accommodate commuter residents, the Environmental Commission will also make kits and advice on the tests available in the evenings of October 9th and 16th in the Municipal Building Lobby (509 Route 523 in Whitehouse Station) from 5 – 8 pm and at the Three Bridges Library from 5 – 7 pm on October 10th and 17th.

October 22, 24, or 26


Readington Township Municipal Building Lobby, 509 Route 523, Whitehouse

Tewksbury Township September 10 – October 18


Tewksbury Township Municipal Building, 169 Old Turnpike Road, Califon

Thursday, October 18 or Friday, October 19 from 7:00am-9:00am
Tewksbury Township Municipal Building, 169 Old Turnpike Road, Califon
Branchburg Township TBD TBD
Bethlehem Township November 6

9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Bethlehem Municipal Building Court Room, 405 Mine Rd, Asbury

November 10

9:00 – 1:00pm

Municipal Building Community Center, 405 Mine Rd

Monday, November 12

7:00 to 10:00 am

Bethlehem Municipal Building Community Center, 405 Mine Rd


 Tests offered through our Community Well Test program include the following:



Test Fee Reasons to Test Possible Sources
Basic:  Total Coliform & Fecal Confirmation, Nitrates $60 Cloudy water and/or recurrent gastrointestinal complaints from people drinking water.  High levels of nitrates are harmful to infants and pregnant women Cracks in well casing, faulty seal or seepage near well — septic system problems — stormwater runoff — se epage from fertilized land
Iron $15 Discoloration of laundry or plumbing fixtures, rust stains and/or bitter or metallic taste Naturally occurring deposits — industrial wastes
Manganese $15 Discoloration of laundry or plumbing fixtures, rust stains and/or bitter or metallic taste Naturally occurring deposits — industrial wastes
Lead $25 Harmful to pregnant women and children.  Can cause physical or mental development problems in infants or children and kidney problems or high blood pressure in adults Corrosion of household pipes, fittings and/or solder (soft water may be more corrosive than hard water)
Arsenic $35 Can cause increased risk of cancers, gastrointestinal ailments, diabetes and cardiovascular impacts Naturally occurring deposits — wood preservatives
Volatile Organics (62 chemicals) $95 High levels can cause liver, nervous system disorders, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, anemia and cancer Underground storage tanks — Gas stations  — landfills — hazardous waste sites — septic systems
Pesticides (18 chemicals) $135 High levels can cause birth defects, cancer and damage to the nervous system Runoff from farms, golf courses and/or residential areas
Radon $50 Can be ingested or inhaled as gases are released from the water into the air.  Exposure to radon in drinking water can lead to lung cancer Naturally occurring, produced by the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water.  Can enter the home through well water
Gross Alpha $80 Can be ingested, or inhaled as gases that are released from the water into the air.  Exposure to gross alpha emitters in drinking water can lead to lung cancer Erosion of natural deposits of minerals that are radioactive — may emit alpha radiation, which can enter the home through well water
Hardness $15

View the instructional well testing videos here before testing the water in your home.

For more information about our Community Well Test program, please contact us via email at or by calling (908) 234-1852 ext. 401.