June 2020 |

Due to the current restrictions brought on by COVID, RHA will host this 17th annual Ride for the River as an individual adventure over the month of June.

John Belle and Amy Greene, Ride for the River Founders

John Belle and Amy Greene, devoted environmentalists, have co-chaired the Ride for the River since its inception in 2003. Over 16 years, this fun motorcycle run raised over $160,000 to support Raritan Headwaters’ conservation mission.

Over the month of June, join us in celebrating John Belle’s life and honor his dedication and years of contributing to the protection of the watershed region he called home.

We encourage you to choose a nice day in June to get out by motorcycle or car for a ride on the scenic backroads of the watershed John loved.

Pick your route, take lots of pictures, and report back to us! Email info@raritanheadwaters.org

Thank you to all who rode!


Below are past routes John had created. Choose a route or make up your own. Be advised the routes below have not been checked on for road closures or construction.


Ride for the River Routes

John Belle, February 1947 – April 2020

Thank you Sponsors

Amy Greene

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