Our River-Fest programs are dynamic, hands-on programs that bring watershed science to your school! You choose from a number of water-related activities, to provide a fun, educational day for up to 200 students in grades 3 through 5. By providing mini-lessons on topics like water quality, water conservation, wildlife, and social systems, students leave our water festivals feeling engaged, motivated, and with a new sense of responsibility to their community and the environment.

Each station can be run by a trained, experienced RHA Naturalist, or our Education Staff can train your teachers, adult chaperones and upper level students to run a number of activity stations, making for a cooperative, community based program.

Choose from the Following Topics


River-Fests can take place indoors or outdoors!  Your school’s auditorium, cafeteria, or courtyard are perfect venues to be transformed into a dynamic River-Fest!  All we need are a few tables, and RHA does the rest.

For a fun field trip, River-Fests can also take place at RHA’s headquarters, Fairview Farm Wildlife Preserve, a 170-acre wildlife preserve in Bedminster, NJ.


River-Fests can take place at any time of year.  Ranging in duration from 1 to 3 hours, they can easily fit into your school day.


River-Fests engage students in the many aspects of water conservation through science, math, physics, chemistry, and the arts.  By providing such a wide variety of ways to connect with nature and understand the systems of a watershed, every learner will leave feeling energized and inspired to be better stewards of their watershed community.  All activities correspond to Next Generation Science Standards.  By participating in a River-Fest, your school is eligible to receive credit for RHA’s River Friendly School Program, as well as the Eco-School program and Sustainable Jersey for Schools.

 How it Works

  1. Contact RHA’s Director of Education, Lauren Theis at ltheis@raritanheadwaters.org
  2. Choose your date, activities, and location for the River-Fest to take place.
  3. If your staff, students or volunteers will be leading some of the Festival activities, schedule a training date for those individuals (1-1 ½ hours during or after school is plenty of time).
  4. RHA can provide your teachers with pre- and post-activities to prepare students and to keep the enthusiasm for conservation education going!
  5. Students are sorted into small groups and given a station rotation map. Throughout the Festival, student groups cycle from station to station, giving everyone a chance to experience each activity!


$500 set up fee + $50 per RHA educator per station.  One station is needed per 15 students MAX (smaller groups are ideal) to allow for workable groups for each activity.  Funding and scholarship opportunities are available!

For more information, contact Director of Education, Lauren Theis