The 1,403 miles of rivers and streams that define our watershed are a vibrant source of life, sustaining both people and wildlife. These precious freshwater resources require our steadfast commitment to keeping them healthy and safe from pollutants and other dangerous stressors.

The North and South Branch and their tributaries stand out as some of the most beautiful streams in the Northeast. They connect people and places, provide food, drinking water, and offer miles of picturesque stretches for kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and fishing.

However, our waters are facing increasing threats every single day. Plastics and debris littering our streambanks, stormwater runoff carrying pollutants, increasing temperatures brought on by climate change, devastating flooding and erosion from major storm events, and dwindling diversity and wildlife populations have brought the importance of river protection into stark focus.

Simply put, our rivers need your help.

For over 62 years, support from individuals like you has provided Raritan Headwaters with the funding necessary to protect clean water through our award-winning science and education programs, land preservation, stewardship projects, and constant attention to influencing decision-making that protects, restores, and improves our watershed’s precious natural resources.

Cindy Ehrenclou, Executive Director

Please make a gift today to support this important work – protecting the treasures of our environment – now and for the future.

Cindy Ehrenclou, Executive Director