May 11th – Support RHA’s Team at the World Series of Birding!

Raritan Headwaters is excited to participate in the World Series of Birding, an annual event created by New Jersey Audubon. Our bird watching team – the Watershed Warblers – will be out from dawn to dusk identifying species of birds throughout the Upper Raritan watershed region!

Raritan Headwaters works to protect and preserve critical watershed habitat for New Jersey’s native and migratory bird species. By protecting clean water in our streams and rivers, restoring climate resilient habitats and educating residents, we are working to protect precious natural resources and native wildlife populations from further decline. With your support, we can sustain this important conservation work into the future!

You can support our World Series of Birding team by making a flat donation or by making a pledge per bird species we identify! Pledge anywhere from 50 cents to $10 per bird species we find during the event on May 11. Our goal is to find 70 bird species! Your support will motivate our birders throughout the long day and will raise funds for RHA’s efforts to protect the critical habitat that is so important to the survival of our fine-feathered friends.

Read more about our team on our blog here!

Two ways to support our team:

Flat Donation

Make a Pledge-per-Bird Species

See form below

Pledge Form

Pledge anywhere from 50 cents to $10 per bird species our team identifies on May 11!

We will send you an invoice letting you know your full donation amount once our team has finished tallying up the count!

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