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Raritan Headwaters Association is a nonprofit conservation organization that protects water in our rivers, our streams, and our homes. Our vision is that everyone within our reach has access to safe, clean water that is swimmable, fishable, and above all, drinkable.

Test My Well™

Our well testing program is a service residents have come to rely on to ensure their drinking water is clean and safe from bacteria, arsenic, lead and other contaminants.

Resource Hub

RHA’s Resource Hub is designed to engage, inform and inspire children and adults to connect with nature and understand their part in keeping our water resources clean and our ecosystems healthy.

Climate Stations

How is climate change impacting our streams?

Latest News

April 30, 2024
Discovering Eels

Picture this: it’s early Spring, the cold air still nips at your nose, but the sun has finally arrived with

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