Look at real feathers for inspiration or use your imagination! Created by Julie Goetz



  • Brown paper bag or piece of cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Comb
  • Black Crayon
  • Watercolor, gouache or tempera paint
  • A smock


The Activity:

  • Working on a table, unfold your paper bag and carefully cut up one of the seams so the bag can open up



  • Look at a photo, a real feather, or imagine a beautiful feather (in this tutorial, I used a Blue Jay feather). Using a black crayon, do you best to draw the shape of your feather on the paper bag.
  • Cut your feather out.
  • Decorate your feather! In this example, I used white paint first (then had fun painting my hand)! While the paint was wet, I used a comb and combed the paint from the middle fold to the edge to make a pattern that resembles the Blue Jay feather.

  • Continue adding colors! I added light blue next, and finally dark blue. I combed each color, and added more color using a wet pencil.






  • Let the paint dry, and wash your hands. Maybe I will add some glitter to the edges of my feather!






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