When you’re passionate about conservation, it’s hard to be kept from doing what you love.

Just as the height of volunteer season was coming about, it came to a sudden halt. When you’re passionate about protecting clean water, it’s hard to stop doing the work that you know needs to be done.

Volunteers, whether your thing is untangling vines off saplings, planting trees along a stream bank, pulling trash out of the stream or helping RHA with fundraising events, we want to remind you that your work has a lasting impact. All those hours you dedicated in the past will contribute to the continued protection of water quality right now. Of course, there will be a lot to catch up on later when we return to our normal routines. And when we do, we’ll need your support more than ever. But for now, hold onto your passion and know that we will be calling on you soon enough to support our conservation mission together.

Staying connected and volunteering from home:

Visit our Resource Hub and keep your knowledge fresh! New content is being posted each week so there will be plenty to choose from. Spending time learning about conservation is always a good way to stay involved with our mission.

Plant a garden! Whether you are a pro or a beginner, there is always something you can grow to eat or donate to the local food pantry. If you have a small yard or balcony there are herbs and tomatoes that you can grow.

Be a good steward! If you have a yard, pull out invasive plants, order a few native plants on-line for delivery. Improve wildlife habitat, soil, and water quality in your own backyard. This is a great way to continue your support of our mission. Learn more about invasive species in NJ here. Two resources to purchase native plants: Wild Ridge Plants and Pinelands Direct Native Plants

For the birds! If you have the supplies on hand and are looking for a project, make a blue bird house! Either put it up at home or drop it off on our front porch at Fairview Farm with a note so we know who to thank. We’ll install it on our property and add it too our Nest Watch program. Or, if you aren’t a DIYer and still want to help, you can order a house for home or donation.

You and your family can pick up trash in your neighborhood. It’s remarkable the amount of trash you can find just taking a stroll around the block. Before you go, grab a bag and gloves so you’re ready if you see littler.

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Take pictures of your activities and make note of the time you’ve spent. These hours can be logged as volunteer hours. Students can send me a list of their volunteer projects and hours for approval at tmcguire@raritanheadwaters.org