Make a beautiful piece of art with simple materials! In this activity, you will make a loom using a branch, yarn and found objects in nature. After constructing the “loom”, you will weave natural materials into it that you have collected. Created By Amy Arato, RHA Educator

Level: All

Duration: One hour+

Setting: Backyard or indoors


  • A forked (or Y-shaped) branch
  • String or yarn
  • Scissors
  • Collected natural materials

The Activity:

  • Get your workspace ready. You will need a forked (or Y-shaped) branch, string or yarn, scissors and plenty of collected natural materials. Gathering natural materials that are long or string-like is helpful but not necessary.
  • Start by knotting your string or yarn at the fork of your branch.
  • Loop the yarn twice around one side of the forked branch, cross to the other branch, loop twice and cross back. How close together you space your loops will determine how tight your weave will be.

  • Continue until you have filled the entire area within the “V” of the branch or the area you desire to fill. Place a secure knot on the branch where you end. Now you have completed the warp of your loom.

  • Next you will begin filling in the weft with the pieces you have collected from nature. Weave the pieces in and out of yarn as best as possible to keep them secure.

  • Keep going until you have filled the area!

Wrap Up:

  • How does varying the thickness and/or texture of the yarn you use affect your weaving?
  • How does varying the tension of the warp affect the outcome of your design?
  • What happens if you try this using yarn or string for both the warp and weft and poke smaller bits of natural materials into the weave?

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