Be a Biodiversity Scientist!   Contribute valuable data on the species of plants, animals and fungi in the Raritan Headwaters region by participating in the Raritan Headwaters BioBlitz, by contributing valuable data.

Citizens in the 38 municipalities of the 470 mile2  Upper Raritan Watershed are invited to help us identify and document as many species as we can using the inaturalist online platform! There are so many opportunities to explore your neighborhood and search out the plants, animals and other organisms that call it home.  If you are feeling ambitious, you can also help RHA count species while visiting our Fairview Farm Wildlife Preserve in Bedminster, NJ.

Simply download the iNaturalist app on your Android or Apple phone and join at

Need help getting started?

Learn more about the importance of biodiversity to the health of our watershed and the projects RHA are doing to study and protect biodiversity in the Upper Raritan.  Also, learn ways you can create a backyard habitat to help native species thrive.

Questions? Contact RHA’s Science Director, Kristi MacDonald