A creative, peaceful activity for all ages.

A mandala is a project that encourages creativity, focus, and can be done with the simplest of materials. They can be done to celebrate a special day, a special person, and to bring attention to the changing seasons. They help to both slow us down to appreciate the harmony of nature, and bring attention to the rhythms of life. Try individually or with a family member!

A mandala is a symmetrical shape that means “circle” in Sanskrit. It is a common design among many different cultures and often appears as the sun, moon, and earth, and represents the universe and life. The circular design is meant to show that everything is connected in life.


  • A space for your mandala. This can be a tree slice, an empty piece of ground, the sidewalk, or anywhere you can leave your mandala for a bit of time.
  • Natural materials, such as flowers, leaves, twigs, seeds, pinecones, stones, feathers, etc. (*try using weeds from your garden!)

The Activity

  • Gather your materials so they are easily accessible when creativity strikes!
  • Start with a special item in the middle. I used a favorite stone; you can also use a photo of a loved one, a plant, or anything significant to you!

  • Add natural items radiating out from the center. This often takes the shape of a circle, but can also sometimes form into a square, rectangle, or star!








  • Continue adding items in a pattern until you feel your mandala is complete.

  • Take a picture, and let nature take it away naturally!

Wrap Up:

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