Make a crown or bracelet out of natural materials!

Start by picking some flowers – use flowers from your garden or mindfully pick only a few flowers from the wild.  Make sure the flowers have long stems. In early summer, you will be able to find dandelions, daisies, red clover, wild lupine, and more.  We used dandelions, red clovers, star flowers, coltsfoot and pixels.

First take two flowers and cross them over.










Interlock and weave the two stems together.

Continue weaving them until you reach a length suits you. You should be able to form a circle with it. Weave/add other flowers to make your crown colorful.










Close it by merging the two ends together with an extra stem as shown below to secure the circle shape. You can also use a rubber band or twine.

Your crown is done!  Place on your head and run straight to your castle!


Wrap Up:

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