Sustainable Jersey provides guidance to municipalities on creating a more sustainable environment and rewards communities for meeting specific goals through recognition and grants.  Over the past several years, Sustainable Jersey worked with partners to create a Gold Star Standard in Water that includes actions to improve water supply, quality and access.  This presentation will provide an overview of “Water Gold” including updates to existing SJ actions related to water and new actions.  Learn how you can address some of your municipalities most pressing issues including stormwater runoff, flooding, poor water quality in streams and rivers, and clean drinking water while working toward Water Gold certification.

Presenter: Anne Heasley, Program Manager for Policy and Planning, Sustainable Jersey

April 22, 2021


Presentation: Click here to watch this webinar on the RHA YouTube Channel.


Additional Resources: Handout for the webinar (google document with open access) that includes links to major resources discussed in the session.


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