We would like to thank everyone so much for coming out to our 32nd Annual Stream Cleanup! Year after year, we continue to be shocked at how much trash we manage to pull out of our waterways, but also blown away by how amazing our volunteers are! This event has become a cornerstone for RHA, and we cannot express enough gratitude to our amazing site leaders and volunteers that come back year after year. While we continue to finalize our data for this year, we would like to highlight some of the figures for Round Valley! We picked up a total of 327 plastic bottle caps, 473 aluminum cans, and 594 cigarette butts! I’m sure throughout the pandemic, many of us became sick of seeing those disposable masks at our parks. We are delighted to report that our crew of nearly 60 volunteers only managed to find 18 face masks! We are working hard to finalize the last of our data and will be sure to share that with everyone when it is finally completed. Thank you!