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Raritan Headwaters Nature Day programs are learning experiences for children in an outdoor setting.

By using nature as a classroom, children explore, create and discover. We believe that every young person deserves the opportunity to connect with the natural world on their own terms. We provide experienced educators and a beautiful outdoor setting, and let the children lead the way!

Outdoor play helps children grow into happy and healthy adults. Being outside in the fresh air and sunshine increases physical, mental and emotional well-being, strengthens the immune system and has many long-lasting health benefits. It’s been proven that children that play outdoors are more curious, focused and confident.

Through structured and unstructured learning and play time, our programs help children develop the creativity and critical thinking needed to build long-lasting connections with nature. Nature Days are designed to help children build strong cognitive, social, and emotional development, encouraging cooperative play, positive social behavior and communication skills.

Our programs are made up of small groups of children with a low student to teacher ratio, allowing each child to get the attention they need. Fairview Farm Wildlife Preserve and our satellite locations offer plenty of space to explore with quiet forests, trickling streams, colorful meadows, big skies, fresh air, and even a fairy home or two!

“It is worth your time to enter the wild. In the wild, the brain is working at full capacity, mapping out the next step while rapidly assessing the risk. The body is constantly making adjustments, adapting to the slick rock or the unstable surface. Nature time isn’t just for leisure. It is for building robust brains and agile bodies. It is for emotional development and for bringing respite and delight. It is for the whole child.”
-Ginny Yurich, 1000 Hours Outside

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