Dinner Pot Preserve

Tewksbury Twp, Hunterdon County

About Dinner Pot Preserve

This 12-acre tract was donated to the Upper Raritan Watershed Association (now RHA) by Francis McAdoo Jr. and Cynthia McAdoo in 1986 to preserve its conservation and open space values. The property consists of steep slopes, wet springs and seeps and an unnamed tributary to trout-production waters. The tributary stream runs parallel to Old Turnpike Road (County Road 517) at the base of the steep slopes. The slopes range from 390 feet to 565 feet above mean sea level.

There are no maintained trails on this site due to the character of the landscape. It does, however, provide a scenic view from the Hunterdon County roadway.

Plan Your Visit

This property is not easily accessible, but a pull-off is available along Old Turnpike Road.  For directions to the site from your location, follow this link.

Trail Maps

 There are no trail maps for this site.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please contact Lauren Theis at ltheis@raritanheadwaters.org for information about volunteer projects on this property.

Stewardship Activities

Annual surveys are performed at this property.