Hollow Brook Preserve

Tewksbury Twp, Hunterdon County


About Hollow Brook Preserve

This 21-acre site consists of forested wetlands with many springs, and the headwaters of the Hollow Brook flow through it. The property was donated to the Upper Raritan Watershed Association (now RHA) by George Wetteland and Solid Wood Construction LLC in 1999.

The remains of an old stone bridge cross the brook, making for a picturesque setting within the preserve, but visitors must be cautious and refrain from attempting to access the bridge remnants. There are no formally maintained trails on this property.

Plan Your Visit

This preserve is located on the south side of Route 512 (Fairmont Road East) about one mile east of Old Turnpike Road (County Road 517).  Parking is available at a crushed-stone pull off along the western-most of two power line easements that cross the property.  For directions to the site from your location, follow this link.

The stone bridge is structurally unsound and should be avoided at this time.

Please note that we conduct a deer management program on this property in accordance with State regulations. Our Deer Management Program is active during the dates described by the regulations, beginning September 8, 2012 and ending February 16, 2013.  There is no hunting on Sundays.  Visitors should wear blaze orange when hiking on the trails during huntng season.

Trail Maps

 There are no trail maps for the Hollow Brook Preserve.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer projects at this property include trail creation, trash removal and invasive plant eradication.  Annual surveys are also performed.  Please contact Lauren Theis at ltheis@raritanheadwaters.org for information about volunteer projects here.

Stewardship Activities

Stewardship at this property includes invasive plant surveying and removal, trail creation and trash removal.  Annual surveys are also performed.  The stone bridge repairs are anticipated for the near future.