Well Water Testing

What’s in your water? Make sure the water flowing from your tap is pollutant-free.  If your water comes from a private well, it’s up to you to make sure it is safe to drink!

80% of the households in our region depend upon private wells for drinking water

While commercial water companies are required by law to test customers’ water, owners of private wells are on their own. The US Environmental Protection Agency recommends that household water is tested once a year to be sure the well is free from harmful bacteria and nitrates. Testing can be expensive, but RHA has established a two-part program that provides residents of the Raritan Headwaters region water tests at reasonable rates.

Community Well Testing Program

RHA partners with municipalities throughout the region to offer residents the opportunity to test their well water. Towns decide when to offer the testing, the test dates are advertised and RHA provides testing kits to town hall. On a designated day, residents bring their water samples to the municipal building where volunteers sort and then deliver the samples to the RHA office, where they are picked up by a state-certified laboratory for analysis. Test results come directly to us, and we share the results directly with residents.

The “Basic Kit” for coliform bacteria and nitrates costs $60. Residents can also test for volatile organic compounds (VOCs), arsenic, lead, pesticides and a variety of other potential contaminants at an additional cost.

Municipalities typically offer the program at approximately the same time each year, so if you are interested in participating, check the schedule on this page or contact our Well Test Program Manager Margaret Logreira via email at or by calling (908) 234-1852 ext. 401.