Make your voice heard on environmental issues that are important to you!  Here are ways you can spread the message to decision-makers that we all need clean, safe drinking water and healthy streams.
Report pollution and environmental destruction to the NJDEP Hotline 
Find your local officials by visiting your municipal website. Find and contact state officials here. Find and contact federal officials here.
Call or write your elected officials.  This a big way to make a difference for water and the environment.  Your elected officials and their staff want to hear from you!
Attend and comment during public meetings.  Some places to start are your town council/committee, planning board, land use board, and board of adjustment. Schedules and agendas are posted on your municipal website; many meetings are available to view or listen to remotely.
Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper urging action on an environmental topic that is important to you. For ideas on topics, click here and go to the current RHA ACTION ALERT!
VOTE for clean, safe water!