Science & Conservation in Our Watershed

Raritan Headwaters is the go-to organization for sound science on watershed health and protecting it. Here you can access overviews of our main programs and initiatives. If you want to go deeper on any topic, links are provided to the main pages of our website, reports, and presentations. Enjoy learning about our award-winning programs monitoring water quality in our streams, ground water and our taps; interactive report cards from water quality data; our science-based approach to land stewardship of ecosystems that support clean water resources; and our partnerships to improve planning and best management practices throughout the watershed and beyond.

Explore Science & Conservation in our Watershed!

December 20, 2022
Springs of New Jersey

A spring is an area of groundwater discharge where water flows directly from the aquifer to the earth’s surface. Springs

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April 1, 2022
Road Salt Roundtable

The de-icing and anti-icing applications we apply to paved surfaces eventually makes its way into streams and aquifers – increasing

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