Empowering citizens to make a positive impact

The Watershed Protector “hub” is where environmental education and the science of safe, clean water come together. Individuals and families are invited to use this hub to learn how they can help protect nature and clean water in the upper Raritan River watershed.

There are so many ways to contribute to a healthy, sustainable environment! The hub offers guidance on making your yard “River Friendly,” participating in important citizen science projects, and promoting environmental sustainability. Learn how to build a rain garden, plant native species, start an organic garden, protect pollinators, collect data on water quality, become a community environmental leader, and more!

We each can play a part in protecting the ecosystems that provide for our health and well-being, including clean drinking water and fishable, swimmable rivers.


May 11, 2020
Test your well water

Most of our drinking water in the upper Raritan River watershed comes from underground aquifers, and residents here largely rely

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